She worked mainly in radiography and radiotherapy

She worked mainly in radiography and radiotherapy

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best moncler jackets Recalling her first day, the 87 year old, of Lanchester, County Durham, said: “You didn’t actually see a patient at all.”The superintendent of the department said when you qualify the first and most important duty will be to see that you chief’s coat is clean, well aired and has all the buttons in.”I thought, ‘that doesn’t sound very exciting’, but I that carried through.”Look after your chief and you’ve got an easy running department that runs as a team.”Then you were introduced to how important it was to keep records bearing in mind we had no best moncler jackets computers in those days everything was hand written.”Ethel’s work took her across the country due to her husband Harry working as a director for aircraft manufacturer Hawker Siddeley.She worked mainly in radiography and radiotherapy, and in Liverpool she helped establish the first mobile breast cancer screening service which transformed screening for moncler outlet the disease.As the NHS prepares to turn 70, one of the main differences between then and now, moncler outlet woodbury Ethel said, is technology.”We didn’t have ultrasound, we didn’t have scanning, we didn’t have MRI.”All you had was an X ray cheap moncler sale machine and that’s when I learnt this is what I want to do because if you can get the diagnosis right you can get the treatment right.”You couldn’t use all these apps they talk about.”An app in my day was something that if you were good, your mother gave you and you ate it that’s not so now.”But you know we’ve got to accept technology will take over.”The difference I have seen in cancer care treatment. The treatment that used to be available with radiotherapy etc was far more devastating now it’s much easier.”It is still treatment that’s invasive but you are not getting the skin burning you used to get.”Despite changes in technology, Ethel said it could never replace the staff working at the forefront of the NHS.”There’s no app you can replace these with a pair of hands,” she said. “If you’re on your way out there’s not an app or gadget that will say, ‘don’t worry you can close your eyes I won’t leave you’.”You have always got to have someone at the sharp end with care, compassion and total commitment and we have wonderful work forces and I will defend everyone of them past and present.”90% of patients will be treated closer to home if urgent care centres shut, health boss saysAfter retirement, Ethel joined the Durham branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship and became an integral part of the moncler online store branch.She served as welfare officer in 1992 before becoming chairman in 1994 a position she still holds.In 2005, Ethel was elected the regional representative of the North East and became part of the National Council.She was elected moncler womens jackets vice chairman in 2009, chairman in 2011 and president in 2013 and from 2015 as a life patron.She added: “I never enter a hospital without speaking to the man who might be sweeping up outside or the lady on the reception desk.”They are all doing a day’s work. best moncler jackets

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