In 2008, the Mercer foundation gave Heartland $1 million,

In 2008, the Mercer foundation gave Heartland $1 million,

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canada goose store Colorado AvalancheGet Parking Tue, Mar 10vs. New Jersey DevilsGet Parking Fri, Mar 13vs. Anaheim DucksGet Parking Thu, Mar 19vs. Every year the Copenhagenize Index is released. It a city index rating how a city is for cyclists. Dublin features in the top 20, at 15th place. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket The foundation began donating to Heartland around the time the Illinois based think tank transitioned from defending cigarette companies under the auspice of “smokers’ rights” to aggressively denying climate change and attacking scientists. In 2008, the Mercer foundation gave Heartland $1 million, inflating the group’s budget to about $7.6 million that year, according to a tax filing. Heartland has banked on six figure grants from the Mercers since, though the donations dwindled over the canada goose clothing uk years, falling to their lowest level in 2015. canadian goose jacket

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